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Openings present a major challenge in terms of building strength and insulation. Concrete window sills have to bear the weight of the window as well as ensuring that it is weathertight. Construction compliance is governed by established standards: window sill dimensions are specified by implementation rule NF DTU 36.5, and structural drainage systems by NF DTU 20.1. ABS precast window sills comply with all the applicable regulations and guarantee a simple-setup solution.

window sill pbm

ABS window sills, a precision engineered masonry element

Concrete window sills form an integral part of building opening design. While they are placed under all windows, picture windows and French doors, they are in fact specific masonry elements that have to be set into the wall. Our precast concrete sills meet the applicable building regulations. For safety purposes, ABS concrete window sills comply with certain minimum dimensions. They provide an attractive frontage, facilitate building traffic and make the building secure both inside and out.


Precast concrete window sills make openings weathertight

Precast window sills have a gradient of less than 10% and a projection that ensures user safety. They are designed to create a safe, anti-slip, change of level.

Their is no need for any particular bridging system through French doors. Side flashings and grooves drain run-off and keep windows weathertight. Sill coves prevent rainwater accumulating under the window. Overflows drain through grooved channels that prevent run-off on walls.

Precast concrete window sills allow precise adjustment of all the various components. Easy-to-install, their profiles are designed to prevent water seepage along the joinery. Their standard dimensions make them easy-to-fit and draught resistant. They guarantee a swift, tailor-made installation for a standards-compliant building.

The PBM range of window sills for impeccably finished walls

We offer 3 ABS models that are ideal for your renovation or new-build needs.

Each window sill must correspond to the wall thickness and planned insulation system. Easy-to-install on breeze blocks, aerated concrete or brick. For dimensions exceeding 150 cm two sills will be required. Monobloc sills are available from 158 cm.

Our models are available in grey or white. They provide a slight contrast with the wall, giving the building a discreet architectural embellishment. This profile enhances and extends the window opening.

Get in touch with one of our consultants to help you choose your concrete window sill or PRM threshold.