Stadium terraces allow the public to enjoy a show, watch a whole match or take part in a gathering without having their view blocked by the persons sitting in front of them. Everybody gets a seat. The building of stadium terraces requires expert skills to provide the right terraces for each event. PBM’s concrete terrace solutions guarantee custom-made, standards-compliant terraces.

PBM Groupe Produit Batiment Gradins

PBM civil engineering skills and expertise for large-scale projects

European leader in precast staircases, PBM boasts an impressive project portfolio in the construction industry and civil engineering sectors. With 40 years of experience in concrete casting technology and involvement in a wide range of projects, PBM offers precast stadium terraces for fast, robust installation with design drawings based on the structure’s geometry. Our expertise allows us to build straight precast concrete stadium terraces, and also to cast curved terraces where the steps may be winders or otherwise. The chosen casting technique depends on the architectural constraints. Our key focus is innovation. The contracting authority confirms the project prior to starting the works, while we guarantee compliance with project constraints and delivery times. PBM plants can stock the terrace components until the desired installation date. Our fixed concrete platforms are maintenance-free, so once the sports equipment has been installed there is no need for any extra investment. Rigorous follow-ups by our engineering design office ensure that all our castings fulfill the requirements set out in the specifications. From design to construction, nothing is left to chance.

PBM stadium terraces, an infrastructure guaranteed to meet the accepted standards

Each section of the terrace meets a specified list of criteria that ensures its safety and usability. This communal area must make it possible for each person to enjoy every moment of the event to the full. The thickness of the concrete is calculated based on the nature of the supporting structure so as to guarantee a solid, robust floor thus allowing supporters to react to the game without weakening the terrace stands. Our stadium terraces are also designed to be earthquake-resistant with walkways that are proportional to the structure’s projected hosting capacity. We ensure full compliance with the applicable regulations.

Our engineering design office conducts a thorough check of all the applicable regulatory requirements. Riser height and minimum horizontal distance is based on the recommendations of the relevant safety standards. The terraces always include an entrance point for persons with reduced mobility. Our precast concrete solutions fit perfectly with the predefined stadium terrace project.

Contact PBM for a robust and reliable stadium terrace or grandstand. Our expertise guarantees you a standards-compliant structure and custom design. With PBM, you have the vision, we do the work! Make the most of our comprehensive solution for an infrastructure worthy of the greatest events.

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