ESCALAKIT: easy-to-assemble concrete staircases in kit form

PBM Groupe Produit Négoce Escalakit

The characteristics and advantages of the easy-to-assemble staircase in kit form

This ready-to-assemble concrete staircase, precast in the factory, is put together step-by-step and can be installed anywhere where safety and elegance is paramount, whether by private individuals or professional builders. The safety precautions taken during shipping ensures that the kits arrive safe and sound at the worksite.

Concrete is a strong, durable building material with a contemporary look; its primary advantage though lies in its sound-insulation qualities. This ensures excellent acoustic comfort. The raw concrete finish is perfectly in line with today’s modern interiors and gives the staircase its sleek, contemporary style. A diverse assortment of coverings can be applied to the steps: wood veneers, ceramic tiles, carpet, etc. The surface guarantees perfect adhesion of a wide range of materials.

Ready-to-assemble concrete staircases in kit form come in a range of standard and made-to-measure sizes. The staircase height is estimated based on the measurements taken on-site.

escalakit pbm

The Escalakit B2M range, found exclusively at PBM

The ready-to-assemble staircase kit sold by PBM is a precast staircase that is easy to assemble step-by-step. The kit solution saves you time given that this model can be designed to suit your specific needs.


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