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PBM Group Product Trade PMR Threshold

PRM thresholds

PRM thresholds ensure your building complies with DTU 20.1 (the French code of practice for building works) and qualifies for the ten-year warranty. Raised side edges, integrated into the window sill, help to make the structure weathertight. Our specialists recommend fitting two steel rods to stiffen the framework.

PRM thresholds have a depth of 35.5 cm.

In compliance with French building standards, our concrete window sills project by less than 2 cm, contain sill coves, a grooved drainage channel, and a gentle slope of less than 10%. They are designed to protect the area behind water run-off and to provide effective drainage.

PBM precast thresholds

Precast concrete thresholds are becoming increasingly popular for large picture windows opening out onto balconies or terraces. PRM thresholds are specifically designed and machined to make a structure weathertight while providing a simple, safe passage to the outside. In grey or white concrete, they are the ideal trim for French windows in houses or apartments.

Precast concrete thresholds with panels up to 140 cm are available in monobloc versions. For larger dimensions, we recommend 1/2 elements that are both sturdier and easier to install. Our 1/3 precast threshold elements can be used to produce sills in widths of up to 400 cm. These are sold in packets of 4, 6 or 12 elements, as required.

PRM thresholds meet current building regulation standards and are conform to the French DTU code of practice. Their gentle slope of less than 10% drains rainwater run-off, thus making the structure weathertight. As with our ABS window sills, PRM thresholds are designed to be sealed into the masonry. Our precast thresholds can be used with a wide variety of materials, such as breeze blocks, monomur blocks or aerated concrete used to build the walls.

Looking for technical advice?

Download the technical brochures on our website to find out more about our range of precast concrete thresholds and window sills. Our product datasheets list the main technical characteristics and detail the methods used to install and implement our products.

For special requests or further information, please contact the PBM sales representatives to discuss your project requirements.