Whether in public areas or private gardens, concrete planters are now the go-to product. These floral containers add to the styling and layout of outdoor spaces. Concrete planters are also used to partition spaces, providing an attractive greening solution that changes with the seasons.

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Concrete planter models

In grey or white concrete, planters are becoming ever more popular for urban planning projects and private gardens. Their subtle colours mean they blend in easily with any setting and enhance the aesthetic value of their floral or plant displays.

PBM offers a range of concrete planter models. These come in various sizes, from small models measuring 30X40cm or 40X40cm, up to the larger planters with a length of 120 or 130cm. Round, square, rectangular, straight or flared, concrete planters come in so many different shapes and sizes that there is sure to be one for every style and setting. With around 40 different models available, PBM can virtually offer you a bespoke planter!

You can also choose their height, and whether you prefer a free-standing or built-in version. Whichever you choose, all PBM concrete planters provide strength and stability, making them the perfect garden accessory whether for public or private use.

What are concrete planters for?

Concrete planters are more durable than conventional terra cotta pots and far more attractive than plastic models. They are easy to clean and maintain using a simple spray or power hose. Simple brushing will get rid of any dirt, lichen and mosses. Choose a large concrete planter and create a miniature garden; ideal for plants as it gives them the space they need for their roots to spread.

Whether in towns or gardens, concrete planters are the ideal solution for flowers and small shrubs. In both public and private areas, they can be used to manage space, such as by segmenting areas to create cosy nooks and secluded corners. They can also be used to create an attractive, mobile boundary for a square or a garden. Planters are, effectively, multi-purpose outdoor planning solutions with boundless options for use.

Why choose PBM planters?

PBM concrete planters are equally popular with private individuals and professional builders looking to develop and enhance outdoor areas.

Check our website to download the product datasheet that describes our complete range of concrete planters. View all our product photos to get an accurate idea of their appearance and usage.

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