Retaining walls

PBM designs an extensive range of L and T-shaped retaining walls in a large variety of heights and lengths that provide Building and Public Works companies with innovative solutions for their retaining works.

Noise barriers

PBM also builds noise barriers, making it an essential partner for public works companies. PBM’s extensive range of concrete noise barriers offers products that fit seamlessly into any setting or environment. Noise barriers comprise a reinforced concrete structure covered by a wood fibre concrete made by adding wood fibres to a cement matrix.
PBM has a unique production site in France that produces up to 40 panels per day used to make precast noise barriers. The site has a warehousing area that can stock up to 2,000 panels, allowing our company to guarantee regular worksite supplies. Noise barrier panels can be custom-designed to show a different surface on road-sides and resident-sides.

PBM Groupe Division TP/Génie Civil

We are involved in a wide range of Public Works and Civil Engineering projects, focusing on the design, operation or rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructures such as roads, tunnels drainage systems, etc.
The Public Works / Civil Engineering range covers noise barriers and retaining walls.

PBM resources

Looking for more information on PBM products? Our product datasheets give you all the details on our available models, as well as on the methods used to install and implement our precast concrete elements. They also give examples of completed projects from our project portfolio.

Our travelling sales representatives are ready to meet you to define and study your future projects.

During the works phase, our sales team will provide all the support you need, from taking the order to invoicing.



PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil


PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

L9 and L12 walls

PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

T15 walls

PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

TN12 walls


PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

Sound absorbing ribbed wood fibre concrete

Structum and Lille

PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

Sound absorbing textured concrete

PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

Reflective textured concrete

PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

Low-level urban design

CityMab design