What is a coping? As its name suggests, a coping is a masonry element used to cap a structure. Generally used on low walls and boundary walls, they are designed to protect masonry elements by preventing water seeping into the concrete, stone or mortar. Concrete copings can also be used as a decoration.

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Types of concrete coping

Copings give low walls an attractive finish. They can be flat, mono or dual-pitched. Whatever their style, they always provide a perfect, stylish finish. They also prevent water seepage, thereby protecting the wall from run-off and freeze-thaw cycles.

Copings are available in a “concrete” finish, in an on-trend neutral colour, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the setting – the perfect complement to concrete or artificial stone walls. Concrete copings can be left as-is or coated with a special exterior concrete paint. You can also choose a white concrete coping for an attractive contrasting effect with your wall.

With a height of between 4.2 and 4.8cm, our copings are slim and unobtrusive and never make walls look top-heavy. The range of widths on offer, from 25 to 50 cm for an element 1m in length, means that you are bound to find a coping that matches your wall dimensions. For technical reasons, mono-pitch copings are limited to a maximum width of 30cm while the dual-pitch versions come in widths of 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60cm.

Flat or pitched copings: the perfect capping solution for your low wall

Copings provide a fast, simple finish for your masonry boundary walls. They come in quick-fit 1m sections which are grouted using exterior mastic joint sealants that give them excellent durability. Naturally, all our copings, whether flat, mono-pitch or dual-pitch, can be cut to order to fit your wall dimensions.

Concrete copings are sold in pallets of 10 to 40 sections, as required. Call us to find out more about our models. Our customer service department will discuss your project and site constraints with you in order to tailor a solution to your specific needs. Please note that, despite their exceptional strength and durability, PBM flat and pitched copings are light enough to allow easy installation.

Why choose our concrete copings? To protect your boundary walls from damage induced by rain and frost, and to give them a visually pleasing masonry finish in next to no time. Please note that concrete copings require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean with a brush or power hose if need be.

Why choose PBM products?

Check our website to see our wall coping product datasheets. They detail our products and can be downloaded directly from our website.

Whether you are a professional builder or a private individual seeking to develop your property, you are sure to find the perfect easy-to-implement and attractively finished solution among the PBM product range.