PRECAST RETAINING WALLS – L and T – shaped walls

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PBM offers a range of L or T-shaped retaining walls that are designed to hold or retain the soil behind them; these self-supporting walls provide an alternative to walls cast in-situ.

Their strength, convenience and speed of installation means that we can respond quickly and effectively to even your most complex construction projects. Anything is possible in architectural terms; whether in terms of top slopes or textured wall facings we will be able to meet all your requirements.

What is a precast retaining wall?

By definition, a PBM retaining wall is an L or T-shaped, vertical, self-supporting wall in reinforced concrete used to hold backfill over a small surface area.
When erected along roadways, they prevent landslides or rock falls and can also be used as access ramps or platforms where there are steep and narrow rights-of-way.
Delivered as a single piece or with an additional footing element to be cast on the worksite, these walls have lifting anchors to facilitate crane handling.

The PBM range of retaining walls

Partnered by its in-house engineering design office, PBM has developed a range of standard L or T-shaped walls with heights ranging from 0.60 to 4m.
Front view facings have a smooth finish on walls between 2 and 4m in height, and a brushed finish on walls between 0.60 and 1.80m in height. The backfilled wall section has a rough concrete finish.
Designed to meet Eurocode requirements, this range has been optimised to meet the most common construction and application assumptions.
Stocked in-plant, these walls are available within 8 days.

All other demands can be met by our custom-design range. This allows us to adapt the walls to fit non-standard assumptions, such as unfavourable geotechnical features, special loads or an architectural design that includes top slopes and textured wall facings.
Our engineering design office and its high-performance design software tools never fails to find the solution.
These walls are available under 4 to 5 weeks as from validation of the design drawings.


Concrete retaining walls tailored to your needs

Our team’s sales representatives are ready to help you cost your project, advise you on installation details and provide project follow-up.

You will be sent details of production and delivery lead times based on our manufacturing constraints and your specific project requirements.



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PBM Groupe icone TP/Génie Civil

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