SoLoft bespoke staircases – pure elegance combined with a fresh contemporary style, and a focus on user comfort and safety. Intended for homes with charm and character, they stand out with their clean lines and impeccable design. The Soloft range of straight and winding staircases is guaranteed 100% made in France, produced at our Heyrieux plant in Isère (38).

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Principles of the SoLoft range

SoLoft means both contemporary and timeless. An elegant marriage of concrete and steel gives the stairs a sophisticated look that blends in perfectly with today’s modern interiors. Easy-to-install in less than half a day, SoLoft staircases allow professional builders and private individuals to meet their deadlines without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. These bespoke staircases come in a range of heights to suit every room layout, with no need for shortening or changes in room design. The staircases can be customised to suit your taste and needs: while the colour of the steps is either concrete grey or rough white, the stringer comes in a range of 10 neutral colourways, conventional or eye-catching, from dark grey to light grey, through the more striking shades of coffee, gingerbread, red or blue. These steel and concrete bespoke staircases bring a fresh, contemporary feel to each interior giving them the elegant look they deserve.

The SoLoft range is the ideal choice for both new-build and renovation projects. The range offers two types of staircase: straight and winding. The staircases are delivered safely to the client in sturdy, individual packaging.


Straight stairs and quarter-turn stairs

SoLoft staircases are available in straight and quarter-turn models: the Broadway and Manhattan ranges.

With a staircase footprint that can vary from 91 cm and 480 cm, a minimum stairwell width of 92 cm and a made-to-measure stairwell length, installing a SoLoft staircase requires only basic measurements to be taken.  These precast concrete staircases come in a range of heights from 102 to 420 cm. They have 4 to 20 steps (depending on the model) and a tread width of between 20 to 24 cm. Their width clearance of 420 cm ensures user comfort. Their maximum weight of 800 kg means that they can be installed on any building surface.


Special features of SoLoft staircases

Configurable on-line using the 3D design tool, SoLoft winding staircases are the ideal choice for all unconventional interiors, industrial designs, New York decor, lofts, factory style buildings or even artist’s studios. They can be used in single-family homes, apartments, sales premises, offices and many other buildings with high-end decor.

One of the main advantages of these steel and concrete composite staircases that wind effortlessly is their quietness, which guarantees occupants a peaceful interior and makes the stairs an integral part of the decor.

The quarter-turn staircase can be installed in the centre of a room to act as a divider, or opposite the front door thus showcasing the access to the upper floor. With their wide steps and sleek profile, straight staircases enhance the height of a room and are the perfect design choice for modern family homes and buildings that have to comply with the latest accessibility standards.

SoLoft staircases are exceptionally hard wearing and can withstand heavy traffic. They boast an exceptionally long service life. As an added bonus, they require only minimal cleaning and maintenance. They can be waterproofed to suit their intended usage.

SoLoft staircases are fully configurable on-line using a 3D product configurator.

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